An Ethical Person’s Guide to Investing
Broadview magazine
Learn how to put your money where your morals are and invest with a clean conscience.

Why Some Women of Colour are Hesitant to Say #MeToo
Broadview magazine
Three women share their stories in the hope of creating safe spaces they never had.

From Kenya’s Post-Election Violence, an Online Community forms to Give Aid
The Christian Science Monitor
When Sallinder Nyawira tweeted that she could help others, the response was overwhelming, and RescueBnB was born. It aims to map the locations of those in need and connect them with volunteers.

In Xinjiang, China, Surveillance Technology is used to help the State Control its Citizens
“If I disappear, don’t tell anyone or say anything. There are people listening everywhere,” Gulgine, a Uighur Muslim woman, told her sister.

In Post-Election Kenya, Church Leaders are Praying for Peace and Seeking Justice
America magazine
In Kenya, religion and politics are deeply intertwined, with political figures using faith to appeal to voters.

Kenyan App Developers Harness Technology to Take on Gender Gaps
News Deeply
Kenyan developers are offering women tech-based solutions to help them understand and fight for their rights.

“We Cannot Accept Excuses”: Cindy Blackstock on Justice for First Nations Children
Future of Good
Social services on First Nations reserves are “severely underfunded” by the federal government, says the human rights activist.

Disrupting Donations: UNICEF Accepts Cryptocurrency
Future of Good
As UNICEF becomes the first United Nations agency to transact bitcoin, what will it mean for other non-profits?