Business Strategy

New Lens Travel 

I’m the founder of New Lens Travel, a company that puts a spin on voluntourism by sending people to Africa to learn from locals instead of help them. Participants pair up with Ghana’s top storytellers who are rewriting African narratives. As a social enterprise, we use our profits to provide media training for youth, so we can support the next generation of storytellers. As the Executive Director, my role encompasses a variety of responsibilities including program development, partnerships, marketing and project management. 


Victorious Bone Craft

Victorious Bone Craft is Kenya’s first bone craft collective, dating back to 1985. Artisans repurpose discarded animal bones from butchers by turning them into handmade crafts and jewelry. The collective operates out of Nairobi and is comprised of 16 men- and me. Together, we’ve introduced new revenue streams to the business such as workshops for tourists, and we’re working on more (our new product line is in the making). Since joining the team, I’ve helped increase the cooperative’s profit and ultimately, the artisans’ take-home earnings.